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Stihl FSA 85 Cordless Grass Trimmer (Tool only)


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Product Information

Part of the Stihl PRO range. the FSA 85 cordless grasstrimmer is a popular choice for contractors and landowners wanted to work with minimalnoise disturbance. Cordless power also allows the user to work cable-free andwithout the fumes and running costs of a petrol engine.

The FSA 85 is fitted with a long-lasting EC brushless motor.brushless motors work with greater efficiently than brushed versions. they runquietly with minimal vibration.  

Stihl battery and chargers are sold separately and Stihlrecommend the AP 200 battery which will give the FSA 85 a run time of 30minutes. To increase battery life and ensure the tool stays disconnected untilyou need it. there is a two stage system to connect the battery; the 1ststage sits the battery in position so it can safely transported. the 2ndstage connects the battery ready for use.

The FSA 85 comes with variable-speed-control which lets you adjustthe trimmers power to match the cutting conditions. The battery life will alsodepend on the cutting speed. The trimmer has soft-grip loop handle design andthis is ideal for working in narrow spaces. the spacer allows you to trimaround obstacles and trees without causing damage. Stihl’s AutoCut C 4-2 cuttinghead has a tough nylon line and can be fitted without the need to remove thecasing. Extra nylon line is released when the cutting head is bumped on theground.

Comes with a hanging loop for storage.

Note: Battery and Charger not included

Running Times with AP Batteries:

  • AP 100: up to 15 minutes
  • AP 200: up to 30 minutes
  • AP 300: up to 45 minutes

Charge Time with the AL 300 standard charger:

  • AP 100: 50 minutes
  • AP 200: 55 minutes
  • AP 300: 75 minutes


  • Power: 36v Lithium Rechargeable Battery
  • Motor:  EC Brushless
  • Handle Type: Loop Handle
  • Line Head: AutoCut C 4-2 Nylon Bump Feed
  • Cutting Diameter: 350 mm
  • Vibration Levels: 1.4 / 0.8m/s² (left / right)1.4 / 1.9m/s²(left / right)
  • Noise Levels: 94(dBA)
  • Weight (Excl. battery): 2.8kg
  • Domestic Warranty: 2 Years Domestic. 1 Year Commercial